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Christianity…and then it moved to America and became a business.

November 29, 2007 Leave a comment

“In the first century in Palestine, Christianity was a community of believers. Then Christianity moved to Greece and became a philosophy. Then it moved to Rome and became an institution. Then it moved to Europe and became a culture. And then it moved to America and became a business. We need to get back to being a healthy, vibrant community of true followers of Jesus.” Priscilla Shirer

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What is the biblical equivalent of a “missionary” in the NT?

November 23, 2007 6 comments

Many people in the house church movement have been good to point out to us that the Pastor (as-we-know-it-today) is not in the New Testament. The NT had elders who were involved in local house churches. Pastors were part of the five-fold gifts of Christ (Eph 4). Elders on the other hand were appointed and chosen because of personal character issues and leading a family (Titus 1/ I Tim 3). To be an elder is never called a gift!

The word missionary is not found in the NT and yet today we call everybody who goes overseas to do almost any type of service missionaries. Actually, a missionary can be a missionary in his hometown. What is the biblical equivalent of a missionary to the scriptures: is it apostle? I don’t think so…

This is my question: “Is being a missionary, as we know them, a biblical concept?”

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