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World Dominion Contest, 1939


“Is our primary aim as missionaries to win individuals for Christ or to establish indigenous churches?”

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Jeff Gilbertson

*The World Dominion Quarterly was the publishing arm of Roland Allen’s ministry. The object of the Quarterly was to think in world terms and to review the distribution of forces and resources of the Christian church in the light of world need. It pleaded for co-ordination and co-operation and a World Plan.

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  1. unklee
    January 6, 2008 at 9:10 AM


    I’m going to be a party-pooper and say “both!”

    Jesus clearly addressed the individual in his ministry – dealing with each person differently and saying clearly that he would not reject any person who came to him. So we must seek to “win” individuals, and every person who follows him is precious, whether they join a church or not.

    But equally, he will return for a bride and his plan is for us to support each other in the task he has given us, so an indigenous church is also important.

    I’m not a missionary in any conventional sense, just someone more than halfway through his life (and then some!) who is looking at how he can be more useful to Jesus in his older years. So I’m inclined to think that we each do what we can, and God uses each one’s contribution, however faltering.

    So I have a question in return. Suppose a there is a new convert in a repressive Islamic society where family or even the state may kill him if he publicly renounces Islam. If he chooses to continue to attend the mosque, because it has social and family meaning as well as religious, but prays faithfully to Jesus (i think “Isa” is the word) while he is there, and never links with an indigenous church, but stays faithful to Jesus and shares his faith with Jesus within the Islamic context, has the person whose witness led to his conversion been a failure or a success?

    We could probably frame the same question in a western society, where a person believes in Jesus and prays to God through him, but doesn’t link with other christians in any overt way (I have met at least one such person), what should we think of them?

    Thanks for the thought provoking you are doing.

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