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Apostolic Thinking from our Apostolic Fathers


“I look upon foreign missions as the scaffolding around a rising building. The sooner it can be dispensed with, the better; or rather, the sooner it can be transferred to other places, to serve the same temporary use, the better.”

Hudson Taylor CIM


“Why isn’t the church accomplishing more in the area of world missions? It’s because we have not apostolic men, they do not go about their work in apostolic style, they do not have apostolic churches backing them up, and they have not the apostolic influence of the Holy Ghost!”

Charles Spurgeon


“All that they had was the fellowship; nothing else… It is hard for us to visualize what early Christianity was like. Certainty it was very different from the Christianity known to us today. There were no fine buildings. There was no hierarchy; there were no theological seminaries; there were no Christian colleges; there were no Sunday Schools; there were no choirs. Only small groups of believers… small fellowships.

In the beginning there wasn’t even a New Testament. The New Testament itself was not so much a cause of these fellowships as a result of them. Thus the first books of the New Testament were the letters written to the little fellowships partly because of their difficulties, dangers and temptations. All that they had was the fellowship; nothing else; no standing; no prestige; no honor…. The early Christians were not people of standing but they had a secret power among them, and the secret power resulted from the way in which they were members one of another.”Elton Trueblood

“Much of the church planting in the 20th century has been paternalistic rather than catalytic in its approach and attitude. This view of missions results in two things in the hearts of national Christians: a dependence on those sent by God to establish a new work and a resentment that ownership has not been transferred.”

Bill Beckham The Second Reformation

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