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“Find another tree.” An expression of spontaneous expansion of the church.

adoptanafricantree.jpgA few days ago I had a dream where I was in a large, dry, parched space of land in Africa sitting in a circle on the ground with a few brand-new African believers in Christ. We had gathered under the shade of a big tree.

There were a couple other “white” people in the circle making about 8 people altogether. We had just finished a time of spontaneous praise to Jesus. One of the new African believers had a beautiful look on his face, as if he was taking in the wondrous feeling that Christ brings on the inside for the first time. He smiled and said something like: “How great a feeling to know Jesus… How I long for my people to come to experience Him, etc.” He looked about the African plain with a “visionary glance”, seeming to wonder where the next fruit would come from.

I asked him something like: “How could we spread this message to more people?” Implied were the questions: “What would we do with new believers? Where would we meet, etc.?” He had a simple, blank expression on his face as he sought to come up with an answer.

I told him: “Find another tree.”

His face instantly brightened and his blank expression turned into a tremendous grin as the simplicity of meeting under a tree impacted him. I’m sure he could see thousands of small groups of people meeting under trees throughout his country worshiping the King of Kings.

I looked around at the white faces in the circle and saw confused and perplexed expressions. It was not anger but simply faces that could not comprehend “Find another tree” as an answer. They were being pulled into another paradigm of “doing church” and were not sure where the road was headed.

Then I either woke up or the dream was over.

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  1. bill ross
    April 3, 2008 at 3:00 AM

    I like your dream. It seems like God speaking to me. It is such a simple paradigm shift in theory but seems so hard for people to grasp. We have lots of trees in the Midwest!

  2. April 7, 2008 at 11:51 AM

    Young men have visions- old men have the dreams you know.
    We need to break many traditional paradigms if we will be obedient to Him who calls us. Keep up the good writing Jeff.

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