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Unbelief in the believer. Trisha Gilbertson

dscn2500Sitting on the couch in my apartment some of my friends and I were discussing Healing, and what prevents it from happening…we were bringing up various scriptures and personal stories as well as issues of doubt, unbelief, timing, etc. I don’t think we all agree, but we do agree that we shall pray for people to be healed every time, even if it doesn’t always happen.

Anyways… Julia was looking up the definitions in the Greek or something, the difference between doubt and unbelief. Doubt is like wavering in something you believe, much more temporary. Unbelief, on the other hand, is more like a direct stance or declaration against God, denying Him to be God.

We thought that would make sense in the context of Jesus doing only few miracles in his hometown because of their unbelief. The people in that town grew up with him, and didn’t really believe him to be God. It was different than doubting his power at that moment. But then someone brought up the verse somewhere where its said I believe, but help my unbelief. That didn’t really seem to make sense…it seemed unbelief was something that would only be possible in an unbeliever…maybe they mistranslated we said…all of a sudden something clicked, and it was like I received this instant revelation about unbelief in the believer. I will try to share it here, but it may be a little hard to follow 🙂

My revelation is about what unbelief is went way beyond instances of believing for miracles or signs and wonders. But rather at the deeper, heart level.

Basically to the measure of compromise we have in our life is the measure of unbelief we have in our hearts. Its like a direct association. I know, it may seem strange, but bear with me, please. (I just want to say that I had never thought of it this way until that moment, it was so cool!)(we can also have unbelief in the aspect of not truly believing God to be who He says He is…but that is a whole other topic!)

When we live in known compromise with sin, we are basically denying God the position of God in that area of our heart/life.

We be-little the words of scripture or the conviction of the Holy Spirit and make excuses for our compromise with sin. “God can’t expect me to be perfect, I’m human!” or “I’m sure ___ isn’t really that big of a deal…God is just over doing it” “Who cares if I gossip, I am a better Christian than most” “It’s just not realistic” or many other excuses may come up and we ignore the conviction that the Holy Spirit gave us and continue on. (now I want to clarify I am not talking about striving for righteousness but failing in our weakness. I am talking about indirect or direct rebellion. There is a huge difference).

If you think about it, that really is like having unbelief in our hearts. Just think of how different we would live if Jesus was right in front of us…and yet He is there, so why don’t we live that way? If we truly 100% believe God to be who He says He is and give him that position in our lives and obey His word accordingly, we would never make excuses for sin or allow compromise to be an option. Instead, we would strive for righteousness in those areas of weakness, repenting and moving forward…repenting and moving forward. Waring against sin instead of making it okay.

Does this make sense at all? We are denying God the position of God in those areas of our lives, which is basically the definition of unbelief…even though we are saved.

I began to “preach myself into conviction” as I explained my revelation to my friends. Think about the “little things,” not just the “big stuff.” Whenever the Holy Spirit convicts us, we must respond actively not passively. And we must be steadfast and faithful to continue living out our active response. We must believe He is who He says He is, give Him that position in every area of our life, and take Him at His word!

We get ourselves into such a mess when we begin to compare ourselves to others, saved or unsaved. Instead, we should be comparing ourselves to Jesus’ perfect example. In Matthew 5:48 Jesus says:

“Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

This is a command, not just nice words!

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit takes things one chunk at a time. Or else we would be completely lost and overwhelmed by our darkness.

I just want to challenge you all to look in your own hearts for areas of “unbelief.” Areas where you have ignored the Holy Spirit’s conviction, through His voice or through His word. Where you have compromised, compared yourself to others, and made excuses to continue in your compromise. If you can’t think of any areas of compromise, I encourage you to read the sermon on the mount again, asking the Lord to reveal any compromise in your life, cause I can guarantee it’s there, somewhere!

We want every area of our lives and hearts to be under His authority and striving to live in obedience to Him. And I really believe that as we begin to grasp this, we will see results. We will become more like his Son and people will know there is something different about us. God will release more of His supernatural power upon us as we weed out the unbelief inside us. Don’t let unbelief in your heart keep you from the things and ways of the Lord!

Many blessings!


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