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Prophecy Tip – consecutive chapters in the Scriptures are not necessarily consecutive as to time.

It is the habit of Scripture to teach in this way; first to give the outline, then to supply details; and this of course involves recurrence, that is, a retracing, in part or altogether, the same subject, — new circumstances being added without the sphere being enlarged.

Many have quite overlooked this, and have read Scripture as if the order of narration were always the order of accomplishment, and as if consecutive chapters were necessarily consecutive as to time. But if Scripture be so read, confusion and mistake are certain.

We have a remarkable instance of this mode of instruction in the 1st and 2nd chapters of Genesis. The first chapter gives a rapid and comprehensive history of the whole work of creation until its accomplishment, and the rest of the seventh day. The second chapter recurs again to the same subject, and we find a description of the creation of Eve from the side of Adam.

Taken from — The Prophecy of Jesus as Contained in Matthew 24-25 (B.W.Newton)

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  1. LD
    April 12, 2014 at 2:58 PM

    I agree. There is a very key verse in Is. that the Lord states-(paraphrase here–I’m at the Library’s computer..) of His knowing the end from the beginning. There are a host of prophecies which are given within the context of the future-(end times) stated first, then the near to the then written text- next. At times, the Lord, it seems is looking at the grand design, and interjecting comments about other times than He was just previously speaking about: yet in regards to for an example an country, land, person, area. I believe a lot of confusion about a number of prophecies comes because the people lump all the discourses together as if they all belong in the same time-frame: and that they are set out in consecutive fashion. Folks do that with the whole Bible…except for their “special” rules on certain portions, of Rev. it done with great harms. LD (no computer of my own.)

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