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Non-Professional Missionaries

June 30, 2013 Leave a comment

download“The missionary work of the unofficial missionary is not the same work which a paid professional missionary does. The paid professional missionary leaves the ordinary work of the world and devotes himself to what he calls ‘religious work’; the non-professional missionary realizes that the ordinary work of the world ought to be done religiously, and does it religiously, and calls it ‘religious work.’

The professional missionary secularizes all the work which he does not recognize as religious work; the non-professional missionary consecrates all work. The professional missionary exhorts others to consecrate their lives in the common work which he forsakes in order to consecrate his own; the non-professional missionary sets an example of the consecrated life by refusing to forsake work…

The one preaches by example a lesson which ALL men can follow; the other a lesson which FEW men can, or ought to, follow.”

Roland Allen, Non- Professional Missionary (1929)

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