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Taking the “professional” out of missions.

The other day I got a Pingback from my blog. If you don’t know what that means, it is when someone “out there” linked to one of my blogs and put it on his site! It is an interesting read how they chose to incorporate my article…

One thing that did catch my eye is his take on “professional Christianity” which he suggests is the pastoral system in the church –“Today it is a job description… lead pastor, associate pastor, children’s pastor, small-group pastor, pastor of worship, visitation pastor…you get the drift.”

I am using this same concept as well, except using it in the missionary field and the “professional missionary”. I believe that a shift is coming to the church which will involve an army of non-professional missionaries that will go out to the nations as a labor force that works side by side, hand in hand with the local community.

Here is a portion of his blog:

Today, “The Pastor” is the “professional Christian” who is charged with the duties of handling the affairs of the church. Unfortunately, most pastors make everyone else feel unqualified. Maybe not on purpose, but we give them such respect that we think they have a special pipeline to God that the rest of the sheep do not have. This causes dependency and does not require a man to “work out his own salvation” thus stunting his Spiritual growth.




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