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New Testament Order for Missions (A. Hays, 1947)


The missionaries were not markedly foreign, nor were they attached to, or supported by, a foreign organization.

The converts, therefore, never thought in terms of foreign money or foreign organizations.

The Gospel and the Church were, from the very beginning, God’s gifts directly to them, in no sense foreign or related to foreigners or foreign lands, so it was only natural to consider that the propagation of the Gospel in their land would be carried on by local men dependent directly upon God using local resources.

A year or two after a church is founded we find that from among the local preachers and teachers some are called of the Lord as missionaries, and these join themselves to the missionary company with no fear of going forth looking to God for the supply of their needs.

So it was not necessary to bring more missionaries from other lands. Nor was it necessary to bring funds from other lands.

On the contrary, every newly evangelized field was soon sending the light on to the regions beyond.
Alexander Hays (1947)

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