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Why healing is shrouded with fanaticism. (A. J. Gordon)

AJ-Heritage-Banner-white_2010_04_08_04_22_56Real, true-hearted and sincere disciples are afraid of [miracles] and inclined to push away with quick impatience, any mention of their possible occurrence in our time… Every truth needs the steadiness and equipoise [balance] which come from its being bound into harmony with all other truths.

If the Church, by her neglect or denial of any real doctrine of the faith, thrusts that doctrine out into isolation and contempt, thus compelling it to become the property of some special sect, she need not be surprised if it loses its balance. She has deprived it of the conserving influence which comes from contact and communion with other and central doctrines and so doomed it inevitably to irregular manifestations.

If the whole body of Christians had been faithful to such truths as that of the Second Coming of Christ, and scriptural holiness, for example, we probably should never have heard of the fanaticism of Adventism and perfectionism. Let a fragment be thrown off from the most orderly planet and it will whirl and rush through space till it is heated hot by its own momentum.

(A. J. Gordon, Ministry of Healing, 1882)

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